Osmanthus Vanitas

born 02/12/2014
Black Dwarf Male
Prcd Dna A by parents
sired by
Portugal, Gibraltar, Luxembourg,
Portugal Grand Champion, International
Ch. Solnes Made Of Bronze
Osmanthus Be Sparkling

International champion,
German champion, Serbian champion, Bosnia Herzegovina champion,
Bosnia Herzegovina Federation Champion, Montenegro Champion, Adriatic Champion, Balkan Champion, MediterraneanChampion

Exported to Germany

Osmanthus Toujours Moi

Born 30/05/2014
Black Dwarf Male
Prcd Dna A by parents

Multi Ch. & SBIS winner
International Champion, Italian Champion
France Champion, Swiss Champion,
Estonia Champion, Serbia Champion,
Finnish Champion, German Champion VDH
Osmanthus Omnia Noir

Solnes Black Bacardi

International Champion
Czech Republic
Slovakia Champion
Slovenia Champion

 Exported to Czech Republic
Owner: Mrs Karla Halbikova


Osmanthus Fendi

born 05/09/2009

Black Dwarf Female

Ch.BIS Winner Minarets Spirited Legacy
European. Multi Ch.Osmanthus Allure Sensuelle

Multiple Puppy BOB Winner


Prcd Dna A by Parents
Owner: Stayn Van Der Eynde

Exported to Belgium



mikke3 mikke_e_pluto

"Bred in Norway and exported to Italy to the Osmanthus kennel together with Mr Georg Mach from Switzerland the" Mikke "became the top winning dwarf in European poodle history. With his 100 puppies all around makes him one of the most important stud dogs in dwarfs ever. Like most significant stud dogs he is an extreme dog and often accused to be to exaggerated. However he produced a generation of World, European winners and multiple champions . One of his most significant factor in his reproduction is that all his puppies tested where free of PRA. He is a true poodle with good looks and brain." Let's go to discover the story of the world famous and unforgettable

Fidel Full Fart Mikke
Checked & Healty for PRA & Patella

Born in the beautiful and cold Norway Mikke was born the 07 September 1992, his father is the American import N.S.SF.DK.EST.AUS. Champion Sharbelle Full of Farday
( Am. Int. Ch. Southampton Ace in Spades ex Am. Ch. Sharbelle Demitasse) now exported to Australia. The mother is the Multi Champion Fidel Time has Come ( Multi Ch. Amara - Chur Magic Andy of Capillon ex Multi Ch. Fidel Timely Tropic ).
He arrived in Italy in March 1994 after finished his Norwegian and Swedish title. For the two first years he was co- owned by Mr George Mach. When he arrived he just felt like home in his new country. We were so surprised about his beauty. He was really an extreme dog, very well built, short in back with a very nice angulation, perfect front and with an impressive movement that made him a star in Europe. He represented his variety in the show ring with great dignity and proven to be the right ambassador for the dwarfs Poodle breed.The only problem he had when arrived was his coat, very thin and not so long on the topknot but after few mounths working on him the problem just came out. His first show was the Monte Carlo International under judge Mr. Hallier that gave him his first best of breed. In june of the same year we entered him at the World show in Bern where the judge was Mrs Agnes Ganami Kertes from Israel. It was a very difficult show with very nice dwarfs males but after entering in the ring with his shocky movement he gave his competitors no way. He became World champion and Best of opposite over 112 dwarfs. An year after he repeated the success at the World show in Brussel this time being best of breed, best poodle and second in the group over 312 poodles !!.That year the judge was Mrs Drouillard from France for the breed and Mr Nesvabda for the group. One week later at the prestigious Longchamp Paris he was again best of breed,best poodle, best of group and reserve best of day over 3910 dogs.
He became top winning dwarf in Italy for three years running, was Best in Show at the Swiss Poodle Club show in Langental under judges John Marshall from England and Mrs Ubrova from the Czeck Republick. He was also Best in Show over 2108 dogs at the International show of Lucern (CH) under judges Mr Norman Huidrobo (E), Mrs Van Brempt (B), and Mrs Nylen (N). In 1996 he gained his European title in Luxembourg where he was best of breed and again best poodle over 213 under judge Mr Eggerking (D). At the Bundessieger in Dortmund 97 he was best poodle and second in the group under judge Mrs Reil and Mr Gendrung. In Germany he proved to be the best again being Best in Show at the Fredrichsafen International over 2205 dogs under judges Mr Walther (D), Mr Gendrung (D) and BIS Judge Mrs Glenda Cook from Australia. He was also third in the Best in show at the Contest of Champion in Switzerland 96 handled in that special occasion by Mrs Lisbeth Mach. He repeated the success at the International Contest of Champion 99 being this time Reserve Best in Show at seven years of age handled by owner Bruno Nodalli. We can't forgot the words said after his winning by the Danish judge Mrs Jensen. This were her words: " I have so much heard about this wonderful dog and now I am so happy I had the opportunity to judge him in such an important event! We were so pround of our crazy boy, it was so nice to see this little dog compiting for the Best in Show with a very nice Dobermann. Of course after all this numerous winning he was the discussion of all poodle people, even if we must say they were never so nice with him. He is the top winning and top producer dwarf in Europe ever. He produced a generation of World and European winners. His most famous children are : by Thalia von der Hutzelschweiz the Junior World winner 96 and Multi Ch. Krystel's Jumping for Gold, the European Junior winner and Multi Ch. Krystel's Jewel to the Top, the European junior winner 97, Copenhagen winner 97 M;ulti Ch. Krystel's Kir Flash.
The grandson of Mikke Multi Ch Chandor von der Hutzelschweiz sired by Jumping for gold was Junior World winner in Mexico 99. The top winning dwarfs in Italy 1998 were two sons of Mikke : top male and top dwarfs was the multi Ch. Diamante nero di Collezione privata whose sister the toy bitch Ch. Dea Divina di Collezione privata was Junior World winner 96. Best bitch was the French, Italian, International, Monte Carlo, Swiss Ch. Krystel's Kir Flash. In Norway one of the top producer is his son the N.S. Ch. and multiple Best in Show winner Fidel Prunes n' Prines. The brown Superstar's Brown Qualiflyer won the Rec title in modern clip . A brown granddaughter of Mikke " Superstar's Swiss Choco - Queen of Jatana " sired by Osmanthus l'Arte di Gucci and of Superstar's Brown Qualifier will be in the Russian rings soon in the hands of the president of the Russian Poodle Club Mrs Julia Stuschko . Again in Russia two Superstar's out of Mikke are now winning a lot: the toy bitch Ch. Superstar's Black Totoshka whose mother is the World and Multi Champion Superstar's Sweet Black Smokey.
The Black dwarf Ch. Superstar's Black Unexepected Joy out of the Multi Ch. Superstar's Black Poeme are both owned by Mrs Lucy Kubanova of Moskow. Puppies out of him are in Norway, Sweden, France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Poland, Czeck Republick and Russia. The breeders who got the more success with the offsprings out of Mikke are Mrs Christel Grassmann from Germany, Mrs Lisbeth Mach from Switzerland and Mrs Sorensen from Norway. Starting from the first one the mating between Mikke and the Multiple Champion Thalia a von der Hutzelschweiz was very successfully. Three litter were born with a total of 12 puppies, seven became champions. No one could deny his remarkable way of stamping his kids. You could find his temperament in most of them.
A contributing factor to his popularity is that free of PRA until seven years and used with a wide range of bitches, there are no documented cases affected by PRA and patella sired by Mikke in any European countries.


Nowadays, he is to be found in the most Europeans dwarfs winning. Mikke gave us so much satisfaction , he started his career at the World show in Bern 1992 and finished at the World show in Milan 2000 being third in the Veteran group. The perfect ending for a star! There were six years full of satisfaction but also full of uncorrectly people that were just blaimed on Mikke. At the beginning of Mikke's career we were even accused to be " not enough good to take care of him ". Six years have been passed and he his World champion twice, European champion and champion of eight countries multiple groups and Best in Show winner . At the last World show in Milan we proved another times that he is still in a wonderful condition. It is always the same Mikke after years. A Typical poodle that loves rings and fame . We will missed the weekly winning that got our adrenaline flowing weekend after weekend for six years. What a great team the Osmanthus and Mikke were…..




Born: September 7, 1992
Regnr: Loi BR 053743
Total number of Offsprings: 104
Number of Offsprings tested and affected of PRA : 0


World Champion 1994/1995

European Champion 1996
International Champion
Swiss Champion
German VDH Champion
Luxembourg Champion
Belgian Champion
Italian Champion
Danish Champion
Swedish Champion
Norwegian Champion
Nordic Champion
Europasieger Dortmund
Bundessieger Dortmund
Copenhagen winner
Best in Show in Lucern International (CH)
Best in Show in Fredrichsafen International (D)
Best in Show at the Swiss Poodle Club in Langental
Reserve Best of Day in Dorbirn International (A)
Reserve Best of Day in Paris Longchamp (F)
Reserve Best in Show in Lodi (I)
2nd best of group in Brussel World Show
2nd best of group in Dortmund Bundesseiger
3rd Best in Show Swiss Contest of Champions 96
Reserve Best in Show International Contest of Champions 99

CHAMPIONS: (Children )

N.Ch.Fidel Primrose
N.S.Ch. Fidel Prunes 'n Prims
Vdp.PzvJ.Ch.Vdh.Vdp.D.Ch. Vdh.Europasieger .3BIS Krystel's Kir Classic
Vdp.Vdh.D.Ch. Dpk.Klubsieger .Multi Ch. Krystel's Kir Royal
EurJ.F.Swiss.MC.I.Int.Copenhagen Winner Multi Ch. Krystel's Kir Flash
EurJ.Dpk.Vdh.D.Ch.Lux. A. Ch. Krystel's Jewel To The Top
Lux.J.Ch.Dpk.Vdh.D.Ch. Lux.Ch. Bundessieger Ch. Krystel Mousse au Chocolat
World J.Ch. Multi Ch. Krystel's Jumping for Gold
F.I.Int.Ch. Diamante nero di Collezione Privata
World J.Ch.I.Ch. Dea Divina di Collezione Privata
Pl.Int.A.Ch. Miss Dance Queen Od Lalanki
Rec Ch. Superstar's Brown Qualifier
Russ.Ch. Superstar's Black Totoshka
Russ. Ch. Superstar's Black Unexepected Joy

CC winners
Fidel Rosy Mante
Fidel Brillian Rose
Fidel Bahamas

CHAMPIONS : (Grandchildren)

N.Ch. Dancing Brown Calypso
N.Ch. Prince Charming
N.Ch. Marielle Winning the Pooh
N.Ch. Marielle the Black Mare
N.Ch. Marielle Tina Tally Ho
N.Ch. Fidel French Fried
S. Ch. Fidel Taffel Sticks
N.S. Ch. Fidel Pommes Noisette
World J.Ch.Mex. Ch. Lux.J.Ch.A.Bundesjugendsieger
Ch.Chandor von der Hutzelschweiz
D.Ch. Vendetta der Schwaze Quirrl

CHAMPIONS : (Great Grandchildren)

N.Ch. Dancing Brown Furie
N.Ch. For A Few Cent To Fidel
S.Ch. Miss Moneypenny
N.Ch. Voulez Vous Brunello Zelante

Multi Ch.

born 1995 male

(Multi Ch. Eugenios Son o'a Bitch
Multi Ch. Superstar's Black Kiss Me

International, Austria,Slovenia,
Croatia Champion