Breeder's interview from the Europudel nr.8 December 1999
made by Mrs Sigrid Kalina (D)

brunoedonnaUp to now I have known almost all the breeders personally, who gave an interview to the Europudel, that informed our readers about their career. The breeder, who is interviewed at this place today, met with me for several times at international exhibitions, but we never introduced each other personally. The elegant poodles, which he presented masterly. stood always on one of the front places. The imprinted in course of time made people curios about the kennel, where they are bred, because a constant and always getting better quality of the poodles shows means that the breeder has a good eye for the breed and a subtle intuition for breeding. Due to that the first question of Europudel is:

Why did you decide to buy your first poodle?
Did you bought him with the intention to start breeding?

Bruno.N. : Paola and I have been always attracted for the dogs, not in a particular breed. Before have our first Poodle we had an English Cocker Spaniel that we unfortunately lost without knowing how it was happened. After some time the lack of a dog in the house began to make feeling. Paola spoke me of a black Poodle that sees all the days while she brougt to the work. She was fascinated by the fact that this little dog has a sweet expression and a temperament different to the other dogs. Viviana, my daughter wanted to have another dog and so before to buy an other one we bought a book to understand if the Poodle was the dog we were looking for. We decided so that the Poodle was the dog for us!
The research was not easy, in that period the breeders we called had not puppies available or anyone who has them does not intend to give it away.


In which year was it and who brought the poodle into your family?

B.N. : At the end of September 1982 we found a dwarf white male by the italian breeder Attilio Carlesso from the Kennel " Dei Sette Laghi ". Mighel was a tender puppy that was looking for a nice family that could love him, so we take him home with us


Did you already attend the shows with your first poodle?
In which year did you started with shows?

B.N. In the meantime Mighel grown up from the dwarf size to the miniature one. The first dog show where Mighel won his first tropy was an open. At this show many breeders and judges told me that my dogs had the caracteristic to be a future champion and so I started to go to the shows. In September 1983 I went with my dog to the Club Sieger Show organised by the President of the Club Cani Compagnia ( Club for all thebreeds of the 9th Group) Mrs Tina Violi. At that show I remember the very famous breeders Mrs Lisbeth Mach,Mrs Ute Eberhard and Mrs Uta Huppertz.
The judge was Mr Rudolf Goedecke from Germany and at that show Mighel was not placed well because the judge told me that my dog was too young and that he was not clipped properly. So now the main problem was the clipping. It Italy nobody knows how to clipp a show dog so I had to learn it by myself looking the german handlers that often came in Italy at our Dog Shows.

Did you take long time until you became popular in Italy and abroad?

B.N. : It didn' t passed a long time until we started to have a reputation in our and in the foreign countries. In 1985 I became a good clipper and Mighel started to win numerous CACIBs and BOBS, he finished quickly the Italian Champion and he won his first Best In Show. In April 1986 we met Mrs Anita Berdisz that proposed us a black miniature male puppy. It was not our intention to buy a black one because we wanted to found a white bitch for Mighel. Anyway we were affascinated by the extremely nice head ,the very dark eyes and the very long and heavy ears he has. So this small black male called Giacomo Von Den Dattelner Zwergen (Multi Ch. A'Joker Vom Kastanieneck ex Multi Ch. Xarina Vom Kastanieneck ) became a part of our family. Soon Giacomo become a big and famous champion. In 1987 at the National d'Elevage in Beauvais (France ) with an entry of 280 Poodles Giacomo won the Best in Show. The First time done by an italian! He finished his career being Italian, French, International, Swiss, Monaco, San Marino and Vice European Champion. At this point it was clear that we need a female to produce something of ours. In 1987 Mrs Berdisz had a black female called Anita's Bernita (Multi Ch. Veralyn's Knight Errant ex Multi Ch. Alicia Vom Kastanieneck ). Perhaps Benita in that years was the Poodle that awarded more trophies in Europa. Besides her 14 International Best In Shows, 7 Reserve BIS included the Reserve Best in Show in Monte Carlo and Tulln, 32 Groups first, 48 BOBs , 25 CACIBs, CAC Brno 90, Top of the Utility Group in Italy 1990, winner of the Golden Collar in Montpellier 90, 40 times awarded Best Poodle in Show. Her titles are :European Ch. 90, Italian, International, French, Swiss, German DPK, Austria, Monaco, Bundessieger 88/90, Austria, Swiss and French Club Sieger.In the meantime my daughter Viviana wanted to have a smaller poodle, so we asked to Mrs Lisbeth Mach of the famous " Superstar's " kennel to reservate a bitch for us. In February she informed us that she had a litter with two black bitches. We choose Superstar's Black Kiss Me ( Multi Ch. Superstar's Black Granat ex World.Multi Ch. Superstar's Black Funny Girl ) that later become World Champion 94, Italian, International, French, Swiss, Monaco, Luxembourg and Bundesjugendsieger Dortmund 91 and Bundessieger Tulln 92.

At this point we have to find a name for our future kennel. It have to be easy to pronounce and to remember. Paola choose the name : OSMANTHUS. The Osmanthus is a plants that produces little flowers from which is extracted the essence of numerous parfumes. That's why all our puppies have parfume names. In 1990 born the Osmanthus kennel with our foundation bitch Bernita in miniatures and Kiss in toys.

Already well known for the success gained from Mighel, Giacomo and Bernita, the Osmanthus continue the story. In 1991 born the Multi Ch. Osmanthus Aromatics Elixir Noir sired by Multi Ch. Veralyn's Z-Macho Man and Anita's Bernita. She soon become Junior World Winner 92, World Winner 93, Italian, International, Swiss, French, Monaco, Luxembourg, Argentina, South America, Bundesjugendsieger Dortmund 92, Bundessieger Tulln 92, Top winning poodle 93/94. She had 30 Cacibs, 40 BOBs and 30 times Best Poodle in Show to her credit.

Please tell us about your most successfull poodles and which awards they got.

B.N. :Our most succesfull miniatures are: Osmanthus Bogart ( World, Multi Ch. Topscore Easy Money ex Multi Ch. Anita's Bernita) born in 1992 he is Italian, International, Austria and San Marino junior champion, best poodle in Rome, Grenoble , Moulhouse. He was Top winning miniature in 1995. Osmanthus Donna in Smoking (Sf.I.Int.Ch. Canmoy's Monopol ex World, Multi Ch. Osmanthus Aromatics Elixir Noir ) born in 1994 she is World Champion 96, European Champion 98, Italian, International, Swiss, Rec Champion.Top winning miniature 96/97 and number one of the Utility group 98. She was Best in Show at the Poodle Specialty of Milan, Florence and in Offenbourg (D). From the combination between Canmoy's Monopol and Osmanthus Bluemarine we have : Osmanthus Guess that is Croatia ,International champion and was Best in Show at the Poodle Club show in Slovenia from the junior class and Osmanthus Jazz that is European Junior Winner 98, Czech, Slovakia, International and German Champion. From Canmoy's Monopol and Osmanthus Aromatics Elixir Noir we have Osmanthus Hermes that is International Champion and Top Winning miniature 1999 with many groups and BIS placing. He was best poodle in Evian and Lausanne International and best miniature in Paris Longchamp 99. Our young export to Denmark Osmanthus Miss Dior sired by the Junior World Winner Canmoy's Backdoor and the World Ch. Osmanthus Donna in Smoking has already got 2 CCs and many times best miniature bitch at only 13 mounths old!!

Always at the Osmanthus lives the norvegian import and most successfull dwarf in Europe ever:
Fidel Full Fart Mikke (Multi Ch. Sharbelle Full of Farday ex Multi Ch. Fidel Time Has Come). Mikke is World Champion 94 & 95, European 96,Norwigian, Swedish, Danish, Nordic, Copenhagen Winner 95, International, Swiss, German, Belgian, Luxembourg, Monaco Champion. Europasieger Dortmund, Bundessieger Dortmund BOB and 2nd in the group. He was Reserve Best in Show in Paris Longchamp 95 and Reserve Best in Show at the Contest of Champions in St. Gallen 99 at seven years old!! He is also a top producer.

In Toys by the combination between the Multi Ch. Eugenio's Son O'A Bitch from Norway and the Multi Ch. Superstar's Black Kiss me we have: Osmanthus First Lady that have been exported to Norway. She started the career in her new country winning a Best in Show from junior class. Now she is Norwigian, Swedish, Finnish and Nordic Champion. Osmanthus Fahrenheit a brown dwarf that is International,Slovenian, Croatia and Austria Champion. Osmanthus Krazy Krizia a brown toy that is European Junior Winner and International Champion, Osmanthus Kenzo that is European Champion 99, German, Greek and Bundessieger Dortmund 98. He won many groups, 2 Best in Shows, 1 RBIS and was 3rd in the Best in Show in Antwerpen - Belgium. Osmanthus Kashaia that is International and Yugoslavia Champion, he was Best in Show in Belgrad 99.
By the combination between the number 3 dog all breeds in Norway Sunline A new Year Happening and our Kiss we have our new star: Osmanthus La Perla that finished her French Title in a record time at only 2 years of age. She was Best in Show at the Specialty in Nice and Best Toy in Paris Longchamp 99.

Our world winner series started in 1992. On the world winner podest stood:

1992 in Valencia Osmanthus Aromatics Elixir Noir 1st junior group
1993 in Buenos Aires Osmanthus Aromatics Elixir Noir
1994 in Bern Fidel Full Fart Mikke & Superstar's Black Kiss Me
1995 in Brussel Fidel Full Fart Mikke best poodle and 2nd in the group
1996 in Vienna Osmanthus Donna In Smoking

Our European winner are :

1990 in Verona Anita's Bernita
1990 in Verona Giacomo Von Den Dattelner Zwergen (Vice European Winner)
1996 in Luxembourg Fidel Full Fart Mikke best Poodle
1998 in Genova Osmanthus Donna in Smoking
1998 in Genova Osmanthus Jazz (Junior )
1998 in Genova Osmanthus Krazy Krizia (Junior)
1999 in Tulln Osmanthus Kenzo

How many poodles do you have in your kennel at the moment and how do they live?

B.N. : At the moment we have eight poodles, five miniatures, one dwarf and two toys. All of them live free in the house, they are running in our garden and sleeping on our sofas and beds. Of course we consider them a part of the family. In July 99 our old white Mighel was died at the age of seventeen and we are missing him so much.

How is the work devided?
Who takes care, who prepares them for the shows and who handles them?

B.N. :We are a team and everybody have his part of work. My daughter Viviana is washing and drying the dogs for the shows and I am clipping them. Also the handling is divided between me and my daughter, my wife is too nervos for handling so she helps us to give the "final touch" to the shows.

And most important question: who makes the breeding plans?

B.N. : The breeding play is made by all of us. Knowing the caracteristics of our bitches and their faults we try to find the right male that can help us to improve them and to correct the ssecond ones. We always try to found beautiful heads, a nice body, strong movement and most important a super temperament. Of course we always check the PRA and the Patella that for us is very important to produce healty dogs.

How many litters do you have per year and is the puppy rearing a team work?

B.N. : We generally have two - three litters a year minaitures and toys all together. The growing up of the puppies is a commonwork, they live with all the family and that improve their temperament a lot. It is very good especially for the toys that learn to grow up with bigger dogs .

Does all the family decide about the selection of young dogs for shows
or is only the boss allowed to do this?

B.N. : That is a very nice question, well all of us take part in the decision, of course everybody have his own idea, we discuss it and than yes it is the Boss that take the final decision with the approving of my two girls! Nothing is made alone, we think that three heads are better than one!

Do you have you own stud dogs or do you use other bloodlines?

B.N. : Yes we have our own sires but at the moment we are not using them because thay are too close to the bitches blodlines. In 1992 at the world show in Valencia I met one of the most famous norwigian miniature breeder Mrs Astrid Giercksky from kennel Topscore. I think that Astrid is one of the best breeder and clipper . I have learned many things from her.At that show she was handling Topscore Easy Money . This male impressed me a lot! He was very elegant and with a very beautiful expession. Few mounths later we went up to Denmark with our Bernita to be mated with Easy Money. From that litter we become the top winning miniature 94 Osmanthus Bogart , we kept the sister Osmanthus Blumarine a very elegant bitch that look so much to the father , she become a top producer with her sons Osmanthus Guess and Osmanthus Jazz. After that in 1994 at the world show in Bern we met Tiina & Juha Palossari from the kennel Canmoy's -Finland -. We have spoken a lot toghether and we explained them that we wanted to find a nice male for our Osmanthus Aromatics Elixir Noir. They told us that looking our Eli they have the right male for us. So in August 94 we went up to Finland and we made Eli with Canmoy's Monopol. " Rosso " was a very elegant male with a very beautiful head and body. He than came back in Italy with us, we have kept him for two years and we made him Italian and International Champion, top winning miniature male and number two on the miniature list (On the top was his daughter Donna ). He was also best of group in Ancona International under judge Filippini. The combination between Eli and Rosso produced the famous Osmanthus Donna in Smoking and Osmanthus Hermes; he is the sire also of Osmanthus Guess and Osmanthus Jazz. The Junior World winner 98 Canmoy's Backdoor and Osmanthus Donna in Smoking have produced our new stars in Denmark Osmanthus Miss Dior and in Italy/Czeck Rep. Osmanthus Millenium. In the Toys we have always used scandinavian males. In Copenhagen 95 we saw the norwigian super mover and stilysh Eugenios Son O'A Bitch. "Tom-Tom " and "Kiss" produced the champions: Osmanthus First Lady, Ferre'by Ferre', Fahrenheit, Kenzo, Kashaia and Krazy Krizia. Always at Copenhagen but this time at the European show 97 we saw a very beautiful male, we were fascinated from his extremely beautiful head and expression that is not easy to find in a toy. After that we saw him in the ring and he also have an extremely good movement. That was the male for us! His name is Sunline A New Year Happening he become European Winner and BOB at that show and he was also number three dog all breeds in Norway 98. The combination between " Viggo " and " Kiss" produced our French Champion Osmanthus La Perla, and you will see soon in the show rings Osmanthus Nikos and the brown Osmanthus Noa exported to Holland

How are your plans for the next generation?

B.N. : My plan is to continue to breed miniatures and toys of high quality and of course of good healty. We are the only breeders in our country that test our dogs for P.R.A. and for the Patellalux . We also do not cut any more the tails, we think they are much more beautiful with long ones. I will continue to work in the same way I am doing now discussing also with the other foreigner breeders about all the problems concerning our breed. We are always learning something from each other.

What do you think about the future poodle breeding, and dog breeding in general. Do you see some problems?

B.N. : I think that the Europeans are making a very good work, our quality is increasing a lot in all sizes and colours. Silvers and apricot have been encreasing a lot and I have seen a very high quality in this colours in Finland, Russia and in the east countries like Czech Republich and Hungary. I have spoken about "apricots" and not "reds ", I have been to some shows in France and in Switzerland and all the reds have been sent out of the ring. I think we shoud breed in the way of the Standard say with the five colours admitted. In the Stardards I shoud say I have seen that sometimes they have an untipical movement caused by the uncorrect proportions ( too long on legs and two short in back). They looks like Afgans and not like Poodles. As miniature breeder I have to say that we are loosing a little bit the size, some of them looks like dwarfs growing up to the size without the right body requested on miniatures. The toys have been increasing a lot since the past years. Heads, eyes and proportions are much better now . I prefer to have Toys of 27 - 27.5 cm than too small ones especially for the breeding.

Could you tell our readers something about poodle breeding in Italy?
Are poodles a popular breed in your country?Which are the favourite colours and sizes?

B.N. : I am not so much satisfied about the breeding in Italy. People are not honest about their dog's problem, for example about P.R.A, Patella and epilepsy. They know about the problem, but do nothing about it. I think that testing it have to be compulsory also in our country. In the last years the poodle have been increasing a lot instead of the other breeds, there are now more standards and miniatures at the shows even if the number all toghether of the poodles at the shows is less than in the past. Toys and dwarfs are the sizes that are more asked, but know I see that also the miniature is increasing, I think caused of the iper-production it have been done in our country in the smaller sizes that have destroyed the type and the temperament of the smaller one. Blacks, apricot and silver are the colour that now the people likes more. Apricot and silver are very fashion colours that are in trend now.

Thanking you for this very nice and interesting interview, we wish you already a lot of luck and success for your next shows and of course for your breeding in future.

Sigrid Kalina